We, Shengkun Silk Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, is a leading company specialized in the development, producing and distribution of top silk bedding products for home use. Since 1993, our products (under YUN brand) have been widely exported to Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, America, UK, etc.

YUN, a Chinese word with a connotation of richness and elegancy, is our brand. We now interpret it as LUXURY, UNIQUE and NATURAL in English. YUN silk quilt has been highly recommended by the Chinese Association of Silk as one of the best quality silk product. We have become the only legitimate producer of silk filled quilt in China, and all of our products have passed the highest national quality standard of GB18401-2003 and FZ/T43016-2003. Also, YUN silk quilt has win the OEKO-TEX standard 100 authentication by the International Textile Environmental Association (Test-No:BEHO047419)

  While faithfully inheriting the traditional handcraft to maintain its authenticity, we also pay much attention to the R&D of this handicraft based on modern scientific concept. We are the first and only manufacturer in China who has successfully produced anti-bacteria silk duvets by applying nano technology.
Everyone in ShengKun understands that customer¨s satisfaction is our top priority. We can provide customized product according to your specific needs, i.e. size, craftwork and OEM,etc.

factory is Located in Xuzhou , Jiangsu province which is one of the biggest silkworm- breeding and top silk- manufacturing base with the area of over 1 million square meters in china, we Shengkun Silk Manufacturing Co., Ltd has relied on all the profitable resources and developed into a professional manufacturer of silk quilt and other silk bedding items. Occupied an area of 3000 square meters, we establish an administration department, a product development & design department, an inspection & quality control department and a plant with over 100 administrators and handicraft
  workers. The whole plant is composed of the standard-divided areas including Manual Cocoon -peeling Area, Airing Area, Raw Material Processing Area, Material Purifying Area, Silk Filling Making Area, Tailoring Area, Sewing Area, Ironing Area, Finished products Processing Area, Inspection and Packing Area and Storeroom. We have 2 electronical embroidery machines, 40 sewing machines, 2 cocoon boiling pipelining machines, 4 electronical quilting machines and 4 silk quilt making pipeline.

  All the workers have more than a decade of rich experience, which is even rare in China. More like artisans, they strictly attend to every single detail of this traditional handicraft which comes down through hundreds of years, making a wonder in their hands with this fine and lustrous silk.

  All of our advanced equipments, the art-of-the-state handicraft and strict administration will guarantee the excellent quality of products, timely and secure shipment and reasonable after-sales service.

 We strongly believe that success lies not only in top quality, fine craft and elegant taste of the product itself, but also in professional knowledge and unremitting spirit.