YUN SILK DUVET- Luxury, Unique and Natural

    Your bed is a safe haven, a timeless space of comfort and dreams. Vital to your well-being, it is a sanctuary where you begin and end each day ¨C a place for drifting off in
the dark and awakening in the morning-light. You spend a third of your life in bed, so why not choose a sleeping environment as close to perfect as possible

Silk duvets or comforters are a luxury once only appreciated by Chinese and Japanese nobility. With the superb craft inherited from centuries ago in China, YUN silk duvet helps you to enjoy sleeping pleasures that have been known to the east for centuries.

Just see how YUN silk duvet creates the most ideal sleeping enviornment for you¡­

Silk is incredibly warm, and unlike the myth that weight keeps you warm, it is astonishingly lightweight. It takes about 6000 cocoons to make a queen size duvet for winter use, however, the duvet is no more than 1200g. The best secret about a YUN silk duvet, is its ability to drape. Unlike down-filled duvets that are usually thick and bulky, our silk duvets are soft and flexible and will conform to every contour of your body, as if wrapped
in a soft and delicate cloud.

Silk duvets contain the softest and fluffiest silk available. There is nothing more comfortable than wrapping yourself in a silk
duvet and letting your tensions melt away.

There¡¯s nothing but the finest layers of Mulberry silk in a YUN Silk duvet. A standard winter-weight comforter is composed of
more than 300 silk layers. Each layer is carefully stretched and placed by hand to provide easier airflow. Silk also has a natural ability to help regulate temperature. Because of this, body heat is retained during the colder months and released during the warmer months.
The pure and natural YUN silk-filled duvets are naturally hypoallergenic. This is perhaps the most healthy and comfortable
duvet in the world. The silk fillings contain sericin, which is mold and mildew resistant. Along with sericin and other natural properties, silk-filled duvets draw out moisture and release it through the comforter. Silk is fungi immune and does not contain harmful
trace chemicals and it therefore will not deteriorate over time.
Silk is by far the most comfortable natural material next to the skin. It is smooth, supple, soft to the touch, and is well known for
its year-round comfort. YUN silk duvets are great alternatives to any down, natural fiber, or conventional polyester-filling comforters. Unlike other duvets, YUN silk duvets are neither bulk nor thick.

Additionally, silk does not seep through comforter covers like traditional down bedding. It is odorless provided one or two air-
outs a year and will never leave unsightly feathers around your house. This is good news for people who have allergic or itchy skin.
Under proper care, a YUN silk duvet can be used for over ten years. It is largely due to our excellent quality which is realized only by strict quality control in every single step, from choosing the first class silk cocoon to the final fixing of silk screens.

The unique structure of YUN silk duvet also contributes to its durability. Each duvet is composed of hundreds of silk sheets
evenly hadlayered in a criss-cross pattern; each silk strand goes from one end of the duvet to the opposite in an unbroken way. Therefore the duvet is very even and stable without possibility of agglomeration, breaking up or pulling apart even after
prolonged use.